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How do I know if I Need Therapy?

One question we hear often is, "How do I know if I need therapy?" Of course, there are many reasons to seek therapy, and for many, therapy is a necessity to keep their mental health stable. To ask if you "need" therapy indicates there is something "wrong" with you, when the reality is many people who have good and healthy lives seek therapy to help themselves learn and grow in a variety of ways.

Therapy can help you heal from a traumatic event, but it can also help you feel more secure in your decision-making. It can help take your already good marriage to a new level of intimacy. It can help a parent become more confident in their parenting skills. It can help you work through forgiving others for hurting you, help you feel more comfortable expressing emotions and it can help you love and accept yourself. Therapy is a place where you can spend one hour completely focusing on you, which is a rare opportunity in today’s fast paced world.

Therapy is there for healing, but it is there for so much more as well. Don't limit yourself to seeking therapy only when you "need" to. Take the leap and see just how much it can benefit you, even when you don't "need" it.

Written by Cindy Burlingame, CA AMFT 93074


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